The following audio clips were sent to us from CHI microphone users and were not made or enhanced by 3 Zigma.

"It is Well" on Acoustic Guitar: by Marty Stuart 2009
C-LOL-12 Large-Cap Cardioid placed approximately 2 ft in front of guitar. Demeter VTMP-2 Preamp, DBX 160S Compressor, Lynx Aurora 16 Converter, Cubase 5 DAW, with Added Reverb in Cubase. No EQ.

Woodwind Ensemble: Recorded by David Henderson 2/22/09
3 x SD-O-D Small-Cap Diffuse-Field Omnis. No added EQ or reverb.

Portland Vocal Consort: Pacific University 10/3/09
C-LOL-67 Spaced pair 4 rows back from stage. Recorded straight into CD recorder from house mixer. No added EQ or reverb.

"Blue Tonight" Copyright 1992-2009 by Mike Jasper
C-LOL-67 on lead vocal, C-LOL-47 on strummed guitars, SD-C (cardioid) and SD-H (hyper-cardioid) doubled on lead guitar, and C-LOL-251 on the three background vocals. No EQ, no compression, just a little reverb. All vocals by Mike Jasper, one Martin D-18 and one Collings C-10 acoustic guitars.