March 2012

3 Zigma LD and SD Mics Steal the Show:

I just published Marc Mommaas' article, Part II of the "Quest for the Ultimate Live Sax Mic."
He liked your 3 Zigma C-Lol-67 LDC best!
To quote Marc:

"But the real winner for me is the C-LOL-67, a fantastic microphone"

His favorite SDC was also your 3 Zigma SD Mic. :)
- Matt McGlynn / RecordingHacks Check out the comparative review

Press Release - October 2011

3 Zigma Celebrates Two Years "On Tour" with Winton Marsalis and JLCO Jazz at Lincoln Center has two sets of 3 Zigma Mics. One set goes on tour and the other set remains at Lincoln Center in NY.

Click Here to Listen to a Track

"God bless you for your enthusiasm and your love of the art. Your special brand of support for what we do on our end is much needed in the industry. My Best,"

--Jeffrey "Jedi" Jones, Director of Sound, Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra

3 Z NEWS - MAY 2010

The C-Lol-47 were favored for close-mic of multiple Steinway Grands:

"A packed house and many stars of the piano world were quite impressed With the tonality and balance of the 3 Zigmas Lollipops.
All the 3 Zigma mics performed flawlessly - great tone and definition, good rejection of unwanted sounds and great gain before feedback."

On a different evening with a single Concert Steinway Grand with the SD-O-D Omnis:

"Another successful recording in Benaroya Hall's Recital Hall yesterday. Due the many acts that were constantly coming and going on stage, and the various placements of piano, drums and other instruments, I couldn't close mic anything. I decided I'd use a pair of SD-Omnis on desk-stands placed stage center in an XY pattern for the close mike. First of all, the sound of the omnis was really great. Very open and airy, with lots of low end response and very even coverage across the entire stage. I was really surprised at how good the Steinway 9' sounded - from a distance of about 7' or so. Same with a fiddle/mandolin/guitar trio that performed right in front of the mics."

--Ira Seigel, House Sound-Mixer, Benaroya Hall

Press Release - Oct 2009

3-Zigma CHI-System Selected by Juilliard School of Music

Juilliard School of Music has selected the Award-Winning 3 Zigma Audio "CHI System" as part of their new multi-million-dollar Studio Installation. Juilliard joins a number of high-profile end-users, including Henry Mancini Lifetime Achievement Award-Winner Mark Isham, and the BB King Studio, and legendary Studio B at RCA in Nashville tracking Hank Sr's Pre-war D-45 Country Music Hall of Fame Marty Stuart's Million-Dollar Martin Guitar.

3 Zigma Founder and ADK CEO Explains:

"The best blend of purity, classicality and modernity is evidenced in the 3 Zigma Mics. You simply plug them in, and it is as if someone opened up the screen door! (HI-DEF!).

I've heard this refrain from dozens of Dove, Grammy and CMA Winners.

3 Zigma doesn't just give you a Great Tool, they Offer you a Whole Tool-Box!"

Press Release - Sept 2008

3 Zigma Audio Hybrid-Mic wins Innovation Award at AES.

Worlds First Hybrid-Microphone Wins PAR Excellence Award for Innovation at Audio Engineering Society in San Francisco. "The goal was to build the Steinway and Bosendorfer of Microphones for High-Resolution Orchestral Archival," states ADK and 3 Zigma Founder Lawrence Villella. "The audacity to achieve better than vintage tonality with cutting-edge ultra-low-noise electronics. At a middle price-point!

"A lot of modern mics spend big bucks making a visual statement. We spent our money in the sculpturing of the response curve - to suit the varied tastes of the modern recordist" Stated ADK and 3 Zigma Founder Lawrence Villella. "High Definition Audio has Arrived!"

Press Release - Dec 2006

ADK Custom Shop Class A FET Mic wins prestigious Pro Audio Review "Reviewers Pick Award" as part of the Gear of the Year 2006. The Vienna-II and the Hamburg II are the first mics to utilize the new 3 Zigma Capsule Technology.

"The ADK Vienna II-AU Custom is a really nice high-end microphone that is a cut above . . . " so wrote John Gatski, P.A.R. Editor in Chief.

Read the Review:

Press Release - Jan 2004

ADK Custom Begins R&D Seeking High-Definition Capsule Technology.

In opposition to over-paying for European Capsules, ADK Custom Shop USA adds a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering to their Design Team to aid in our effort to create a new series of high-end capsules; and then to build a factory to be able to integrate this new technology over a wide spectrum of products.

"Our Twin Goal is to offer this technology as a RETRO-Fit to certain Original ADK, and also to create an entirely HYBRID Microphone System using these Capsules".

CEO Larry Villella explains.

"It's like being a luthier and needing spruce to build your guitar. If you go and buy lumber, that's one thing. If you own a forest, that's a whole different thing!

If the trees are on the north slope of the mountain, you harvest the best tone-wood!! Everyone Agrees - the Capsule is the Soundboard of the Microphone. It's axiomatic.

ADK's goal is to build 'North-Slope Capsules'! And to integrate into worthy design-sets. The Mandate to our Engineers is to Over-Build the Product to an Aerospace Standard."