User Quotes

"After hearing the 3 Zigma C-LOL-12 Lollipop on the Pre-War Martin D-45 that Johnny Cash got from Hank Williams, Sr., Marty Stuart and I looked at each other and both agreed - this is OUR NOW and FOREVER Acoustic Guitar Mic !!!

Yet when we were tracking a small Taylor fingerstyle guitar, the C-Lol-67 turned out to be the perfect Capsule. The CHI System just works great !!"

Mick Conley
Producer/Engineer - Kathy Mattea (25 years), Patty Page, now Marty Stuart TV Show

"At the BB King Recording Studio we have an extensive microphone collection and are proud to say that we were the first to receive the New 3 Zigma Master Tool-Kit. The Tool-Maker's approach to audio is ingenious and the Open-Ended Architecture produces one of the most natural sounds we have used in the studio!"

Dr. Alphonso Sanders, Director of the BB King Recording Studio

"Highly recommended."

John Gatski, Everything Audio Network

"I think 3 Zigma Audio is really on to something."

Mike Jasper, Tape Op Magazine Review

"Lowest Self-Noise of any SD microphone under $1000."

Tape Op Magazines SD Mic Shoot-Out

"What matters is how they sound, and they sound good."

Matthew McGlynn,

"We use them everywhere on our CD projects."

Robert Rich, Soundscape Productions

"A very natural and open sound."

Ira Seagel - Sound Engineer, Benoroya Hall / FOH Natalie McMaster.

"Best choir mic I have ever recorded with. Fantastic clarity and sonic-imaging!"

Ken Riley - Producer/Engineer - Studio One - Calvary Albq